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Friday, April 5, 2013

Cleaning your Silver... Chemical Free...

Hi guys!  It has been a while!  I've been so busy crafting!!! 
Today's tip!  An effective way to clean your silver!
I own loads of silver jewelry.
I wanted to try and clean the tarnish off of the pieces but I didn't want to use harsh chemicals.
I tried the following tutorial and it WORKED!
The aluminum foil acts as a magnet to the tarnish and walla!  Perfect shiny silver!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

12 BERRY EASY Tips on how to store your Yarn STASH!

Lion Brand has 12 great tips on how to organize your yarn stash.  People always ask, "how do you store yarn?" and my answer often is 'well, how do they store it at the yarn shop?'  Also, logging all of your yarn with photos on Ravelry is very wise, but TIME CONSUMING!  :) 
Anyway, here are 12 Tips on how to organize your yarn stash! Complements of Lion Brand Yarn!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Easy Peasy Busy BEE! :)

I've been working on loads and loads of projects.  SO many that my housework has suffered (ALOT)
Oh well!  One thing I learned is that, housework will ALWAYS be there, but craft projects come and go, like two ships in the night... ;) OK YEAH YEAH!  Crafting has become a serious addiction!

Here are a few of the items that I worked on in the past few weeks!  I love them all!

This is Simplicity 2396 Sweet Pea Tote Bag

Sweet Pea Tote 
Lining and pocket
 This was Easy Peasy, however, it takes alot of patience to get all the prep work done.  
I want to make a white and blue floral one next!  Maybe with denim binding and straps!  :)

This bag was such a pleasure to make!  The crochet bag whipped up quickly!  
It's worked from the bottom to the top (in rounds).  
You can find the FREE crochet pattern here --->Norstrom Hobo Bag in Ravelry.

The handle was a Joann find for .97 cents!  It was on clearance! :)
I used Lion Brand Homespun in Tumbleweed!
My new Fall bag!
The liner and pocket.

This tote is really big!  LOL  It's good for a day at the beach or flea market!
The crochet pattern can be found here Simple Net Crochet Bag on Ravelry.
I used a fine burlap for the liner and added a three section pocket.

I have a few more items to post.  But will be later.  I'm going out!  BUH BYE!

Happy Sewing and Happy HOOKING
Easy Peasy Berry Squeezy

Monday, August 13, 2012

I WON!!! I Actually entered and won a giveaway!

OMGosh, so....I entered a Pellon products giveaway and I won.  REALLY!  I never win anything! 
I'm so very happy!  YAY!

Here is the announcement on Pellon August Winner!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Here are the products I won We Love it Wednesday Giveaway! YUM!  I wonder what color material I'll get!?
For a wide variety of FREE Pellon Sewing Project Ideas <---click there!

Now to think of what to make!  :)

Happy Sewing and Hooking!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Whoah!  I just signed up for a couple of giveaways!  Wish me luck!
I love allfreecrochet(dot)com!  <---link to their website!
They have EVERYTHING crochet... from beginner's projects to experienced!

Here is a link to a few giveaways! All Free Crochet Giveaways
Check their Giveaways site often, they always give away fabulous crochet project items and books!

Current Reviews and Giveaways
8/1 Bernat Premium- 2 skeins blue
8/8 Crocodile Stitch Fashions


Happy Sewing and Happy Hooking!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Studious Teacher Pencil Scarf

After sewing a few things, I wanted to crochet something FUN!  Different, GEEKY?  maybe!  :)
It certainly was Easy Peasy!
I've been wanting to make a pencil scarf for a looooooong time.  
You know? A scarf made to look like a big pencil.. except, you wear it, outside... 
you get the picture?  NO?  well here it is...  :)

Studious Teacher Pencil Scarf

Studious Teacher Pencil Scarf

For this project I used a size H crochet hook.  I used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Mustard (for the pencil part)  For the metal eraser holder thingy (giggle) I used Red Heart soft in gray heather, for the pink eraser I used ACMoore's no brand name, for the sharpened part I used Red Heart supersaver in Beige fleck and for the charcoal I used Simply Soft in black.   It wasn't too bad.  I didn't follow a pattern.  Maybe I'll make a whole box of colored pencils!!!  right?  yeah?  We'll see!  :)

Have a great Easy Peasy kind of day!  Happy Hooking! ;)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Berry Easy Crochet Hook Roll

How pretty is this!  I made this for a gift but will make one for myself.  This was quick (well not really)!  :)  I made it in an afternoon.  The only change I would make is to tie 2 sets of ribbon instead of one to close it nice and tight! I also measured the pockets at 3/4" apart and drew a straight line down with chalk, I then sewed over the line. Other than that... it was BERRY EASY!

I found the tutorial here; Crochet Hook Roll - Tutorial by Today We Made...

These are great for folks like me who have small apartments or small crafting areas.  Once your roll this up, you tuck it away or store in your tote pocket and it's out of sight.  In this case, you might want to leave it out... It's so PRETTY!  :)

Here is my version!  Isn't it cute?  right? isn't it?  :)

Flutterby Crochet Hook Roll

Pocket for sissors, tape measure... etc.
The small pocket on the bottom right is for darning needles or sewing needles.

Rolled nice and tight.  Organization!  

Just for laughs! (HA HA) Here is the first one I made when I bought my sewing machine.
I made it out of an old placemat!  I couldn't wait to make something!  :)

LOL!  I won't give it up though!  I love it!  :)  

Happy Sewing!  and HAPPY HOOKING!