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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Easy Peasy Crochet Hat & Scarf Set


Homespun-Painted Desert Scarf
I decided to share this pattern with everyone as I thought the project turned out great.  You will need to know basics in crocheting, YOUTUBE has so many tutorials on how to begin, etc. 

Well, I'm no crochet pattern writer that's for sure, but here goes.  This is such an easy pattern to follow.  I'll try to be as clear as possible.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!  :)

For this project the following materials

The stitches used in this pattern are:
Slip Knot
Chain (ch)
Single Crochet (sc)
Double Crochet (dc)

Now, let's begin!  Remember to soften up your tension.  :)

start with a slip knot on your hook and chain 16.

Row 1:  two dc in second chain from hook (the first chain counts as the first stitch).  *skip next two chains and one sc, two dc in next chain (the three stiches are worked together in the same chain)* repeat from ** three more times.  skip next stitch and sc in last chain, ch two and turn.

Row 2:  two dc in first stitch (next to the dc), *skip next two stitches and work one sc and two dc in next sc stitch (from previous row)* repeat from ** three more times, single crochet in last stitch, chain two and turn.

Rows 3-whatever size you want (repeat row 2). once you are done finish it off with a slip knot.

You can add fringe, do a border all around the scarf of leave as is, it will not curl.  You can use this stitch for a blanket or even a hat as I did!  Just make sure your chain is divisible by three PLUS one.

For the hat, I used the same stitch pattern.  I made a chain divisible by three plus one. (everyone's head is different so you'll have to measure yours ;) )  I measured the chain around my head's circumference to get the desired fit.  I worked back and forth (as with the scarf), continuing to measue from my forehead to the top of my head.  I ended up with a little scarf (kind of).  Once i thought it would be big enough for my head, I finished it off with a slip knot,  I left a pretty long tail to then slip stitch it closed alog the edge.  For the top I closed it exactly like this ---> +.  I slip stitched one line at a time.  You will close it on the begining chain.

Easy Peasy Hat & Scarf
I hope this makes sense!  HA HA!  contact me with any questions!  <3  I'm open to adjusting the pattern!  :)
You can post this pattern on your blog, just link back to my blog!  Thanks!


  1. Hi. You definitely need to change the wording from *skip next two chains and one sc, to: *skip next two chains, one sc and two dc in next st. It took me awhile but I think I got it. The part about the 1st ch counting as the 1st st really threw me off.I didn't know if you meant the 1st ch of the 16, the 1st ch from the dc, or the 1st ch of the two you skip. Love the scarf and beanie. Do you have a pattern for the beanie?

  2. I'm sorry I meant next ch not st.